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Or watch some Videos:

Bohemian Boogie

Basement video of the Titel song of our second Album


Brilliant video

Rooftop Riddles (Official Lyric Video)

Personal footage from Anton of the last year used as a montage. With the lyrics of the first single from the album Bohemian Boogie

Get Ready (Official Tour Video)

We gathered our personal videomaterial from the release tours through Spain, Holland and Germany and had Recognize Films cut a video.

High Tide (Official Music Video)

Cutback Films joined us again on a Saturday night lip-syncing hairy feast of friends.

Brother (Official Music Video)

Cutback Films joined us on a Saturday night concert and captured the good vibes.

Rainbow Nation (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video made by

Basement Saints Live

SRF 8x15 Kofmehl Solothurn


Unofficial Music Video made by Roald le Roux. With his GoPro in a friends backyard in South-Africa.


Used in a snowboard-clip! Laax Crap Show


Our song was used in a Spring-session Snowboard-clip in Laax.

Brother (Acoustic-unplugged)

Unwind acoustics filmed us in Chur before a skatecontest. We played at the afterparty where our drumset was destroyed and the 12step-stairset rail was skated.


We collaborated with Amplitude Studios in Paris France on a trailer for their new game on Xbox One.

Rainbow Nation

RCKSTR BLOCK at Gampel Openair used the Song to escort their  NSFW video.


Supporting our Skating Brethren in Southern Africa.

Slappy Skate Co.


Dario Juhasz brilliantly  skating to our song "Jeans"

Rainbow Nation

We collaborated with Helvezin as they added the Song to their Playlist.

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